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  • 1.What is low-voltage electrical switchgear?

    Low voltage switchgear is an engineered solution created of a steel housing, copper conductors, and a set of circuit breakers and isolators used to control, isolate, and protect electrical equipment or systems to ensure that work can be done on them and faults can be fixed quickly and safely as required.

  • 2.What is the main function of Low-voltage switchgear?

    The installation of electrical protection against the thermal and mechanical pressures of short circuit currents is an essential function of low-voltage switchgear. This is important for keeping the structure clean from the damaging impacts of high winds and separating the incorrect current from the remaining components.

  • 3.Which are the best brands of electrical switchgear in GCC?

    In any industrial power system network, switchgear protection is important. Stefan provides quality switchgears that helps in the effective functioning of electrical appliances from power generation to distribution and ensures against overload and short-circuit damage.